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Questions asked …

Being a Vendor, how do I fit in?  Part of the educational process involves products and services from different companies. Unfortunately, our world judges public on appearance first and foremost.  Fortunately, the majority of companies are created to help the outward appearance. Companies that focus on health help reflect on the outward appearance as well. If the subject (performer) uses the product, they maintain good health. Also, since they are going to become an icon within time, the company or brand of things they use will make the public want to mimic what they use and do. With that said, every new person that comes in the doors at LBOS will receive a package of all vendors and services they provide. This will help the companies retain business with the new talent* and also their followers.

What Kind of event are you referring? The majority of the events are Spa events once every three months. In these events we spoil women and men with products that make us feel good inside and out.  Next, events are speed dating events that are the same day as the spa events, just later that evening. Next events we do are Comedy Shows, Masquerade Ball, and Wedding Shows. Occasionally we will add onto these annual events. If we do, you may find that information on our website.

How much are the events? We do a bidding war for the spots … on our webpage the top bidder within 24 hours wins the spot.  Money made for the first couple events is donated back into the company for a budget to have funds for new events and employees. Future events will be donations to a local charity.* *at that time we will announce who they are*

Where do I find the Bidding Page for other events out of contract?  The bidding page is on Facebook and payment through paypal is made within 12 hours of winning. If payment is not made, the vendor opportunity will go to the next highest bidder. *coming soon*

What are the rules of being a vendor? All vendors are responsible for their own timely set up and take down. If your company is not on time and completely set up by the start of the event, your company will be asked to leave and no refund will be provided. Vendors are given a 6ft table *space*(table not included) this includes the wall behind you (removable, command strips are fine, no tacks or any other indentions), and one chair at your table per registered company.  Vendors may NOT share booths. No outside food or drink may be sold at the booths as a meal, unless prior discussed and written. If there are food and drinks or samples (food company) all licenses must be given (to make copies) to the organizer when registered for the event. Vendors may not leave early without prior approval from organizer. Registration and Contract signing must be complete within the day of payment, if not the spot is void and no refund will be given.

Contract? No one likes them! WHY? What does it entail? LBOS Companies wants to ensure you are serious about making money and working together! The more consistency we have the more successful events we build! Contracts are made for 2 years with vendors that are chosen to work with LBOS.  Within that 2 years we guarantee 6 events with only one person per company. Example (one younique vendor per event). Schedule will be made in advance. What if I can’t attend??? You may find someone to take your place of the same company. We do not issue refunds!!  

What is a non-compete agreement?  It is a term used in contract law under which one party agrees not to enter into or start a similar profession or trade in competition against another party. This agreement will be signed separately. Within 50 feet of the venue or 5 years.

How much is the cost for a*spa event* contract? The cost for events are about $75 each for your first 2 years that totals up to $600 Paid in full.** If you need payment arrangements, they may be discussed as needed. Also, 1 year contract options are now available at $300 total for the year. Events are every three months. *If there isn't a contract on your company , you may pay per event.

A Deposit? LBOS requires a deposit to make sure you are serious! $10 deposit when signing up with first payment made with any contract. This fee will refunded when you complete the contract fully.

When are items for the vendor bags due? 2 weeks before the event. Can I mail them? Yes. We will provide you with a P.O. Box. Address.

Attendance at the events? Different events vary. Queen for the Day, Diva for the Night events have 12 people allowed per suite. Speed dating events vary – men and women are in attendance and can have up to 25 - 300 people per event. * this information will be found on eventbrite.

How do I make payments? Paypal takes credit cards or you can make payments through your account with it. These payments will help you and us keep track of all taxes and payments made. Checks are not accepted. Payments are due the day of sign up to ensure contract stability.

How do I know if I have gotten the spot for the vendor in a event? You will receive a *best form of contact* from us stating your next steps!

Location? Venue type? Advertisement? Type of vendors and event? Most asked questions of Vendors. Louisville and Indiana are the Locations for the next 2 years. Venue type? Hotels and well known venues. Advertisement? Social Media, radio, Eventbrite… more lists to come. Will provide you a list of website links.                                                                

Can I have raffles? Raffles are paid tickets to the vendor to win a public item. These are NOT allowed.                              

Can I do giveaways? Yes you may, Majority of vendors use raffles to get contact information. We would however, prefer to announce the winners together every 30 minutes of the event.  

All vendors are required to dress professionalLy and carry themselves as a professional owner. LBOS will provide a badge for the contract holder, as long as you have that pass, the vendor* may set up at any SPA scheduled events at no questions! If you would like additional events, they maybe purchased at an additional fee*.  Wedding vendor badges will not be provided, please wear one to the event.

Are there prizes for best set up? Yes the best vendor theme set up will be put into a drawling for a FREE SPA DAY EVENT ticket with LBOS.* (expires 2 years from issue date)


Vendors are required to carry their own insurance and workers comp. LBOS is not responsible for any issues.

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